26 Oct

At some point in your lives, we will need to find the right jeweller whom we can trust. It could be shopping for an engagement ring or wedding ring for your loved one. Surely, ring shopping can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, especially if you know a little about jewellery. With the number of ring choices being displayed in jewellery shops, it will leave you feel dizzy and confused which one is perfect. That is why it is extremely crucial to be able to find a trustworthy jeweller. Remember that a reliable jeweller can provide you a great deal, no matter how little you know about engagement ring, especially if you are looking to buy something with a diamond on it.

Fortunately, there are a few good ways in which you can find a professional jeweller. Read on to know how.

  • Strong, positive reputation
    A great place to start is by asking your friends and family if they happen to know a jeweller in your local area. List it down and do a research on them to find out which one is very qualified. You can visit their respective websites and check on their review or testimonial section and find out what their clients have to say about their products and services. However, you should be wary of the dates the reviews were written and if you can find any names you can use for reference. Remember that a trustworthy jeweller has worked hard to earn their reputation and are extremely proud of their products and services. Some of them even provides free gifts & offers to valued clients.
  • Experience and knowledge
    The number of years of a jeweller in the business can tell you how passionate he is in his chosen field. The more experience he has, the more he has harnessed his knowledge in the jewellery business. His knowledge does not just stop at creating new jewellery pieces and running his business, but it also means that he has a deeper understanding of the customer’s need.
  • Provides a certificate of authenticity
    A professional jewellery always provides his clients with an independent diamond grading report issued by the GIA. This certificate offers security to the clients that they are purchasing an authentic, quality diamond just like what is promised by the jeweller. It also contains the complete information, such as the beauty, durability, quality and value of the diamond.

Beiing able to choose the right jeweller is probably the most vital decisions you will ever make in your search for the best diamond ring. Thankfully, there is a lot of them who worked hard to ensure clients that they are receiving the best product - you've just got to find the right one ;-)

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